A pastor Marcelo Crivella has become the new mayor of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. He has outstripped his nearest rival by gaining almost 20% more votes in the second round.

Crivella is one of the founders of the Brazilian Republican Party.

The analysts attribute a victory of the evangelical pastor to an increasing of the politicians’ influence, who are engaged in the religious activities in Brazil. It is also associated with a grown dissatisfaction of the inhabitants with the corruption’s situation.

The main campaign promises of M. Crivella were maintaining law and order in the region, as well as control over the cleanliness of the streets (especially in the poor areas of Rio).

Marcelo Crivella was a bishop in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. His uncle, the billionaire and the head of the Brazilian Pentecostals, has founded this church.

In 2008, Crivella has run for mayor of the capital of Brazil. But the pastor has left the race after the first round. He hasn’t gained enough voices.