The 24-year-old contestant from France Iris Mittenaar became the winner of the contest «Miss Universe».

In addition to the French woman, in the top three finalists, there were also the representatives of Colombia and Haiti.

During the competition, all the participants paid great attention to the two world issues: globalization and the crisis of refugees.

Iris Mittenaar stressed that in France much attention was paid to globalization. The French people tend to open borders and unimpeded communication with people.

The show «Miss Universe» was held in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. The French participant only once became the winner of this prestigious competition. That was over 60 years ago.

Few words about the winner

Miss World 2017 is a native of Lille. Iris Mittenaar learns dentist surgeon. And during the spare time, she prefers to engage in extreme sports: bungee jumping, parachuting, etc.