Do you want to give joy to yourself and your family? Go to Paris Disneyland. Do not doubt that you will get a lot of pleasure from all sorts of attractions and entertainment. The park area is almost 2000 hectares. On the territory of Disneyland, there are two main parks: the first is presented in the form of a traditional American Disneyland, and the second is a unique development of the French. Here, the process of creating the legendary cartoons Walt Disney is performed.

A lot of shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, etc. are located on the territory of Disneyland. You can both ride on exciting attractions (49 items) and also relax, changing the type of activity.

In addition, in Paris Disneyland, a resort complex with hotels for any purse (from 2 to 5 stars) and taste is built.

Ideal time to visit Disneyland

The most favorable period for visiting the entertainment complex in Paris is late spring or early autumn. To avoid getting into the crowd, it’s best to go to Disneyland on weekdays (Wednesday or Thursday). Then you do not have to stand in long lines.

Plunge into the fairy tale by visiting Paris Disneyland!