Both adults and children may have overweight. In today’s world, this problem acquires the catastrophic proportions. A sedentary lifestyle, large load at school, computers, tablets, fast food contribute to obesity. If the grandparents admire chubby grandson, the parents should seriously think about the health of their child. Childhood obesity may not only be a consequence of the disease, but also the cause of its occurrence.

What should you do if your child is already overweight?

How can you prevent obesity?


Improper diet. The constant eating of potato chips, crackers, hamburgers, sweet carbonated drinks, cakes can cause an excess weight of your child more likely.

Sedentary lifestyle. The endless watching of movies, computer games, television take away the child’s time which he could spend on a walk or other physical activity. Weight gain is a consequence of it.

Stress and nervous tension. Psychological health also plays an important role. Some people start to eat more when they feel stress. Children are the same. Experiencing a constant psychological burden, the child is chewing all the time something to relax.

Heredity. If parents are overweight, the likelihood of the same problem among their children increases.

Diseases. Overweight of the child may indicate malfunction of certain organs and systems in the organism.


Physical exercises. Morning exercises should be a mandatory ritual, which your child makes at the beginning of the day. Long walks in the fresh air, visiting sports groups will also help to normalize weight.

Balanced diet. Find the time to cook wholesome food for your baby. Of course, it is much easier to make a sandwich with sausage and pour a glass of soda. But it is better to cook porridge or soup, salad, and homemade cutlets. These dishes can also be tasty. But they are useful too. Do not forget about fresh fruits and vegetables. They must be present in the children’s diet.

Psychological health. If your child does not always get excellent marks, do not blame him. Good mood and health are much more important than a high grade. Of course, you should not encourage carelessness and irresponsibility. But do not hang up on the marks.

Medical examination. Visit the pediatrician. The specialist will help you to understand the true cause of the excess weight of your child. An experienced doctor will give a direction on analyses and advise what experts you’ll have to visit.

Personal example. Your words will have no meaning if you do not support them with action. Be an example for your child. Do exercises, refuse of junk food. Walk more with your baby. Spend less time in front of TV.


Prohibit the eating of some products. Forbidden fruit is sweet. By imposing a categorical ban on any food, you will achieve the opposite effect. If the child wants to eat chocolate, let him do it. Just limit the amount of this product.

Encourage a child with a meal. Do not use food as a reward for a well-done job.

Focus on the problem. Do not talk to your child about excess weight constantly, don’t control it tightly. You mustn’t punish your baby. Accustom your child to a healthy way of life, explain the necessity of the proper nutrition. Do it unobtrusively.

Making fun of the child. Do not call the baby fat, even jokingly. You will only develop uncertainty and complexes, which can stay with your child for the whole life.

Punish a child. If something goes wrong in the process of losing weight, don’t punish your child. It is difficult even for adults and especially for children.

Spend much time with your child, do not ignore the problems. Become a real example for your baby. Then everything will be fine!