Otto Wormbier was let out from the North Korean prison.

The student from The University in Virginia was arrested in 2016 in January. This event occurred at the end of his tourist trip to North Korea. The reason for the detention was the suspicion of illegal acts in relation to the DPRK. According to Rönhal, Otto Wormbier was sentenced to imprisonment. The archival video from the student’s journey shows that he did not show any aggression towards the residents of the country. According to the agency, Pyongyang has deliberately delayed American tourists for many years. Thus, the North Korean government is trying to force the US government to enter into negotiations with the DPRK.

Otto Wormbier died because of the cruelty of the North Korean regime.

The official statement by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights indicates that the student was in a coma. As it became known earlier, Otto Wormbier fell into a coma in 2016. It occured due to the action of the strongest sleeping pill. The American was evacuated from North Korea last week for medical purposes. When the body of the deceased student was examined by physicians in America, they stated that Otto Wormbier suffered a severe trauma to the skull.

Parents of the deceased did not disclose the cause of death, but gave a comment. According to Fred and Cindy Wormbier, their son was the victim of the brutal regime of the Koreans. He was constantly subjected to torture, ill-treatment, hunger, etc. Because of the great sorrow of friends, relatives and not indifferent inhabitants, this case interested politicians.

The Administration of the United States condemns the cruelty of the North Korean regime and points to the failure to observe justice and the laws of humanity. According to the chairman of the US Senate Committee on Armed Forces, another American died because of the regime of Kim Jong-yun. He also said that in the conditions of hunger, forced labor, torture and murder all citizens of North Korea live for 70 years. The US government claims that Otto Wormbier is not the only one who was in North Korea. There are three more US citizens in prison at the moment. In this regard, the government of the United States is going to take measures to protect its citizens. Moreover, there is reason to believe that North Korea is preparing an attack on the United States through nuclear weapons and is constantly destabilizing the situation in the Asia-Pacific region.