You decided to have a house plant and chose orchids. This is not surprising. These flowers are very beautiful. But in order to bring the joy of orchids, you need to take care of them properly. It is necessary to pay special attention to the soil, lighting, watering, fertilizing and other important factors.


The soil for orchids is not similar to the one used for the ordinary houseplants. The soil consists of bark, natural fibers, coarse sand, granular clay, and moss. If you find it difficult to independently prepare the ground for orchids, buy a ready-mix in the store.


The amount of light is important for the full development of the flower. If the lighting is not enough, the orchid will not bloom. Excess sun, on the contrary, can lead to plants combustion. It is necessary to find an optimal solution to the orchid.


Pay special attention to watering the plant. Orchids can not grow in the stagnant water. So, there are special pots which are intended for them. The root system receives water but is not immersed in it.


As any houseplant, orchids need fertilizer. Special supplements can be bought in the market or in the shop. read the instructions on the package carefully. The orchids need feed before flowering. It is better to give less fertilizer than overdo the dose.


If you want your orchids to feel comfortable, maintain an optimal temperature in the room. These flowers grow well if the room is from +18 to +24 degrees Celsius.