OnePlus 5 will be released soon.

The company ONEPLUS was given the opportunity to view the new phone in detail before the release. This device is equipped with two lens camera, as in Apple’s iPhone models. The manufacturer, which is located in China. It has demonstrated a new phone model in advertising during the finals of the cricket match between India and Pakistan. Short advertising OnePlus 5 was shown in India and contained all the data on the design of the phone from all sides. The device has a large display and a fingerprint button in the middle of the bottom of the phone.

A great interest was caused by the camera on OnePlus 5.

The first advantage of this phone is a camera similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. It is equipped with two lenses. Such a dual camera allows you to create high-quality photos using the depth-of-field focus DSLR, which is often used in digital cinemas. Also, the big advantage of this camera is the wide color coverage standard DCI-P3. This camera has the ability to zoom the photo without losing quality. This function is also present in the model from Apple.

The advantage of the new device is a powerful battery.

In fact, OnePlus 5 is a strong energy source thanks to a 4000 mAh battery. This battery capacity is several times larger than in Samsung phones, namely the GalaxyS8 and GalaxyS8 + models with 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh battery capacity respectively. The resolution of the display 5.5 also pleasantly pleases the target audience, namely multi-touch display with a resolution of 2560×1440.
The company ONEPLUS is known in the world as a supplier of telephones at budget prices. But this year OnePlus 5 was equipped with only expensive components, in this regard, the price will be much higher than the previous models. The expensive of the phone details and its unique design is the reason for the price increase to 650 US dollars, which are about 500 pounds sterling. It is worth noting that the previous model of the company ONEPLUS was represented at a cost of 399 pounds sterling.