Another winter holiday which is called the Old New Year is coming. Many people wonder: how to celebrate it? Are there any traditions of the celebration this extraordinary day?

Old New Year: rules of celebrating

Prepare a festive table. Christmas is over, so you can cook any dish that you most enjoy.

Put a festive outfit. Do not forget about the colors of this year: red, orange, yellow.

Gather family and friends. It is better to share the joy with relatives.

Do not forget to pay attention to the symbol of 2017 – Fiery cock. Put a bowl of grain on the table to attract good luck.

At 12 o’clock drink a glass of champagne. If you did not have enough time to think of all wishes in the New Year night, now is the time to catch up.

Generally, the celebration of Old New Year is not much different from the celebrations on 31 December. The main thing is that everybody has fun!