One of the most awaited festivals of beer lovers Oktoberfest traditionally started in Germany. The celebration will take place over two weeks, from the 17th of September to the 3rd of October. The capital of this spectacular festival is Munich. According to the tradition during the opening ceremony, Mayor of the city drinks the first glass of beer.

There are pavilions for the tourists and local citizens.  Everyone can enjoy some beer there. The largest tent can accommodate up to 10 thousand visitors.

By the way, only Munich breweries are allowed to participate the festival. There are six companies. They use a certain prescription for brewing.

In addition, during the celebration, the attraction lovers can take a ride on a roller coaster or a Ferris wheel.

During the beer festival, you can also try the traditional German sausages and the Munich white sausages.

It is expected that more than six million people will visit this festival. And it is despite the fact that the weather conditions have recently deteriorated.