Yesterday, Nikolai Karachentsov got into a traffic accident. It happened in the suburb of Moscow. Actor’s off-road vehicle crashed into the «Gazelle» and overturned. Together with the actor, in the car, there were his nurse and a relative. N.Karachentsov was sitting in the passenger seat. The car belongs to the actor’s wife, Lyudmila Porgina. She was driving a car.

Nikolai Karachentsov hospitalized with a head injury and concussion. His companions also suffered. So at the insistence of doctors, they were taken to hospital for a more thorough examination.

Exactly 12 years ago…

On the same day, only in 2005, the famous Russian actor had got in a road accident. That accident had serious consequences for Karachentsov. He suffered a serious head injury, had stayed nearly a month in a coma. The actor is still not fully recovered from the accident.

Video from the accident place