Expecting the birth of the baby, the parents are usually busy with some pleasant preparations. Mothers and fathers make repairs in the children’s room, buy beds and carriages, choose toys for their child, compose clothes. We offer you advice which will help you to save money and nerves during buying wearing apparel.

When you select clothes for your baby, you should be guided by certain rules:

  1. All materials must be natural. Synthetics can cause allergies.
  2. Prefer calm, pastel tones. Too bright colors may indicate the use of harmful dyes.
  3. The stitches on clothing for infants should be outside.
  4. Select the models of clothing, which will be well fixed on the baby. Children move a lot. Too loose clothing can slip down.
  5. Pay attention to the fasteners. These accessories will help you completely disguise a child or just change a diaper.

Another tip: do not buy a lot of things at once. Firstly try out few models of children’s clothing. Decide what things are the most comfortable and practical. Also, do not rush to purchase clothes for all seasons. The babies grow very fast, you may be mistaken with the size.