Each state has its own culinary customs. In addition to the daily meals, there are also traditions for cooking festive treats. As we approach one of the major holidays of the year, we present you the New Year’s dishes of different countries.


Speaking of Russian feasts, Olivier and herring under a fur coat always come to mind. New Year’s holidays are rarely without these traditional treats.


It is hard to imagine a French holiday table without foie gras and a variety of cheese. For dessert, it is usually served cream cake, called a log.


Mexicans prefer to eat baked pig on New Year. Rice and beans are the garnish of it.


True connoisseurs of flour products do not deny themselves in these dishes even on big holidays. During the feast, Italian guests are treated with little dumplings called tortellini.

Great Britain

The residents of Foggy Albion prefer to eat roasted turkey and seafood for the New Year. For dessert, the pudding with dried fruits is traditionally served.


Pilaf is a favorite New Year dish of Indians. People use lamb to cook this dish. For dessert, the Indians eat yogurt with sugar and ginger.


The inhabitants of Japan eat buckwheat noodles on New Year. This dish is a symbol of health and longevity.