New sanctions against Russia may be introduced in the nearest future.

The leaders of France, Germany, and Great Britain are considering the possibility of introduction the additional sanctions against Russia. This probability has arisen in connection with the fact that Russian troops continue to conduct military operations in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The representatives of the European countries have not yet made a final decision about the personalities of the sanction’s list. It is only known that they are the citizens of the Russian Federation.

The solution will formally come into force only after its support by all the European Union Members. This question will be discussed on the 17th of October by the heads of EU foreign policy departments.

Later, on the 20-21st of October, the EU summit will be held in the Belgian capital. Exactly at this time the heads of the states will take the final decision on the inclusion of the Russian citizens in the sanction’s list. Moreover, the Syrian officials can be included in this list, too.