New president 

The military coup caused the end of the reign of Robert Mugabe, who at the moment is 97 years old. Today, November 24, the ceremony of inauguration Emmerson Mnangagva. The new president made a solemn oath by raising the Bible. Mangagawa will act as interim president until next year’s elections. Mugabe, referring to overwork, was not on oath.

The previous president resigned on November 21, after 37 years of government. This event people have already called «second independence».

However, despite general encouragement, there are rumors that the new president will not significantly change the situation in Zimbabwe. After all, he was on the side of Mugabe for many years. Mnangagva has a bright nickname «crocodile». Many even associate his name with the carnage of Gukuroundi in the 1980s. That massacre (about 20 thousand) was committed to suppress the followers of Joshua Nkomo, political rival Mugabe. This terrible event is largely ignored, and the new president denies any involvement in it.

In recent decades, the country’s economy has fallen dramatically. Inflation has reached an incredible level.

Despite everything, the people still hope for a brighter future. Mnangagwa, in his address to the people, noted that there were shortcomings in the policy of the former president.