Israeli Gefen Team Agency in partnership with Coca-Cola Company have developed the newest gadget. It is intended for those people who like to make selfie. This device has been presented to the public during the Summer Love party on the beach of Dor in Nachsholim town.

The gadget looks like a special attachment to the bottle. It is called Selfie Bottle. This attachment is suitable for the vessels of 0,5 liters. On tilting the bottle with the liquid at an angle of 70 degrees the gadget makes a photo automatically. It is possible to copy the photos to a computer, using a special USB-hole. It is located in the attachment.

The creation of this gadget by Gefen Team Agency and Coca-Cola Company was not accidental. The representatives of the companies hope that Selfie Bottle will help them to do their joint events more popular and visited. Making photos with the latest attachments and laying them in a social network, the users will automatically advertise the popular party of Summer Love, as well as a production of Coca-Cola Company.

Currently, there is no reliable information whether these selfie-attachments will be put into mass production or not.