The members of studio «Kvartal 95», together with their leader Vladimir Zelensky have presented another series of the movie «The servant of the people, 2». Screening of the film was held in Kyiv movie house «Cinema City» yesterday, December 19.

This is the ninth full-length film of the » Kvartal 95″, studio production. It was produced by Vladimir Zelensky and Boris Shefir. Director of the film is Alex Kiryushchenko. Eugene Koshevoy starred in the film, as well as other guest artists.

Many stars attended the cinema to enjoy the humorous film, which was created with the participation of the famous band. Among the guests there were such celebrities as Yuri Gorbunov, Sergei Sivokho, Vlad Ryashin, Andre Tan, Valery Harchishin and many other representatives of show business.

In the foyer of the cinema everyone could feel himself the president. In the lobby there was a special photo zone with appropriate decorations.

More than a thousand spectators have visited the preview of the film. Official premiere of this movie for all Ukrainian inhabitants is planned for 24 December.

As the film «The servant of the people, 2» was shot