A sketch of a great artist Leonardo da Vinci has been found by the pensioner from France. Elderly man discovered this amazing thing among his father’s collection. The drawing shows the figure of St. Sebastian.

The authenticity of the image has been confirmed by the employee of the Metropolitan Museum, Carmen Bambah. She is a specialist in the study of works of Renaissance masters. According to K.Bambah there is no doubt that this drawing was made by the hand of Leonardo da Vinci. Most likely, the artist in preparation for painting a picture sketched on small sheets.

The scientists refer this drawing to the early period of da Vinci.

Paris auction house has estimated the value of the finding. The amount is equal to fifteen million euros. If the French government announces the sketch a property of the nation, then the state will buy it out the owner. Two and a half years will be set aside for this procedure.

This is the eighth picture of the great artist, where Saint Sebastian is shown. Two samples from this collection have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum thirteen years ago.

Saint Sebastian, tied to a tree