New approaches to the treatment of the patients were adopted in the British county of Yorkshire. They primarily relate to people who have excess body weight, as well as smokers. According to the decision of the National Commission for the county health system, fat people need to lose at least 10% of their weight before surgery And smokers should refuse cigarettes for six months.

Of course, such measures do not apply to cases where it is necessary to carry out an emergency operation. But the surgery, which is independent of the patient’s life, will be executed only after compliance with the rules.

The decision will come into force in January. The President of the Royal College of Surgeons Claire Marx considers that this approach to treatment is unacceptable. She emphasizes that it is necessary to treat everyone equally.

Obesity is becoming a serious problem in Great Britain. Twenty-five percents of the adult population and a third of children suffer from this disease. Every day about three hundred of patients get to the British hospitals with problems that are provoked by overeating.