There was a presentation of the two restored ships in the National Reserve “Khortytsya”. They were found six years ago in the Desna, between the Kiev and Chernigov regions. But the restoration of these ships was entrusted to the specialists from Zaporozhye.

The experts think that one of the found boats had been used during the time of the Russian-Turkish war.

According to the Reserve’s employees, a restoration is a very long and expensive process. The specialists gathered these exhibits literally piece by piece. The details had lain in the water for more than 300 years. A colossal work has been done, and all the visitors of the reserve can evaluate its results.

The funds for the restoration of the ships were granted of the United States Embassy in Ukraine.

The employees of the National Reserve “Khortytsya” plan to open a museum of navigation. Especially, the exhibits have already gathered a lot.