It is known that the mysterious Stonehenge belongs to one of the oldest monuments around the world. Stonehenge was built more than four hundred thousand years ago and has survived to this day almost intact. It is located just 130 km from London in Wiltshire. It is still unknown what purpose this building was built. Some scholars suggest that this is a cemetery, because there were found the remains of the burial of ancient people. Others say that these are monuments. Construction lasted several centuries — about 400 years. But he acquired the final appearance only in 1500 years after the start of construction. «Stonehenge» translates as «dancing stones». The monument is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Scientists are studying an unusual monument until this day. It is not yet clear how it was possible to raise such heavy stones and who could do it. In the Middle Ages, people often assumed that the building was created with the help of magic. But recently, one of the Stonehenge secrets was discovered. As it turned out, huge stones served as a kind of research center. The days of the summer solstice, sunshine and lunar eclipses were determined using this. We came to the conclusion — Gerald Hawkins (a famous British astronomer). The stones fixed the east and west of the Moon and the Sun and their movement. But the calculations were still inaccurate. An error of one degree is a significant mistake.

Stonehenge looked like in ancient times this way. As seen in the image, there are some differences between Stonehenge in ancient times and its kind today.

Stonehenge in ancient times