One of the tops of North Ossetia will be called “Fidel Castro”. The mountaineers have decided to choose a suitable peak and name it in honor of the legendary Cuban revolutionary.

Kazbek Khamitsaev, the president of the Mountaineering Federation of North Ossetia, said that the news of the death of F. Castro had been very sad for the local people.

Fidel Castro has become a vivid example of a fighter for the freedom and independence of his nation. Moreover, the Cuban leader was considered to be a close friend of Issa Pliev, Ossetian general and national hero. Pliev led a group of Soviet military on the Liberty Island during the Caribbean crisis.

In honor of the famous revolutionary, the open Republican tournaments of climbing and mountaineering will be held.

Fidel Castro has died on the 25 of November in Cuba. He was 90 years old. Many people around the world grieve for the death of the comandante.

Three days of mourning are declared in North Korea in connection with the death of the Cuban leader.