Everyone is afraid of something in the life. Even if a person does not show it, it does not mean that he is not tormented by any fear. There are many causes of unpleasant emotions and feelings in people. These phobias are classified and studied by experts in the field of psychology.

The experts consider that in general, it is useful to be afraid of something. In moments of real danger survival instinct is switched on. A person is able to get out of the most difficult situations, to take an unexpected decision and be saved.

But there are fears which it is better to get rid of. An amount of phobias is almost limitless. Every year new sources of anxiety appear, dictated by modern trends.

The scientists conducted a study and found out what fears were the most common among the inhabitants of the planet.

Top 10 of most common phobias

Fear of being alone or autophobia

According to the investigation, people are most afraid of being alone. This is not surprising because human is a social being. Even for the most closed of people, it is important to feel the support of relatives.


Many people in the world suffer from this phobia. The thing is that people do not want to look silly or ridiculous to others. Therefore, there is sociophobia.

Fear of the own insanity (dementophobia)

This obsession is typical for spiritually advanced people, the representatives of creative professions. The thinner a person feels the world around, the more contradictions arise in his mind.

Fear of germs

This condition is called verminophobia. People suffering from this deviation, are afraid of infections. They wash their hands a hundred times a day, do not touch the objects in public places, etc.

Fear of a particular thing or phenomenon

There are many species of such a phobia. It all depends on exactly what people are afraid of: spiders, snakes, rats, dogs, radiation, ghosts.

Fear of intimacy

This fear arises from the notorious, insecure people. The fear of being rejected or ridiculed in the most unprotected position is called genophobia. This phobia can also occur in people who have experienced violence or due to other mental wounds.

Fear of aging

Too many people do not want to grow old. It turns into a real mania — gerontophobia to some representatives of humanity.

Fear of failure

Atychiphobia is another name of this disease. This phobia concerns to varying degrees of any reasonable person. But some people overcome this fear, while others aggravate it.

Fear of height (acrophobia)

It turns out that very few people like to be high above the ground. Such a conclusion was made by the scientists.

Fear of the dark

This unreasonable fear is often present among the children, but some adults also suffer from nictophobia.

Fears that are not included in the top ten, but close to it:

claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces);

aviafophobia (fear of flights);

enohlophobia (fear of crowds);

thanatophobia (fear of death);

agoraphobia (fear of open spaces).