Political intelligence of Israeli “Mossad” has announced an additional recruitment of women in its ranks. This message is printed not only on the web-site of service but also in some Israeli publications.

The announcement said that strong women are required on the post of agents. It should be noted that now in the state of the Israeli political intelligence, about 40% of the fairer sex are working. Moreover, half of the employees holds important leadership positions in the organization.

According to the former head of “Mossad” Tamir Pardo, exactly women cope with the realization of complex tasks most successfully. Ladies work well in multi-tasking regime and are able to sacrifice their own interests to achieve the goal.

Activities of “Mossad”

The organization was founded 65 years ago, a year after the proclamation of the State of Israel. The functions of this political intelligence are comparable to the American CIA activities. 1200 employees ensure the safety of the state of Israel, constantly being on guard.

Office of “Mossad” is located in Tel Aviv. And all the operative divisions are scattered in its suburb.