If you do not feel happiness in the morning, gymnastics will help you. Everybody has heard about the benefit of morning exercises, but not everyone decides to try it out. We keep putting off the beginning of the implementation of simple exercises for tomorrow, on Monday, next week. And this is completely wrong. According to the doctors, morning exercises is the minimum set that will provide you with good health and cheerful mood for the whole day. And if you maintain a stationary lifestyle due to sedentary work or laziness, then you just need to warm up in the morning. The main thing is to start exercising. Over time, you will feel a burst of energy and will not be able to dispense with morning gymnastics.

Where to begin?

First of all, you should to knock-up. For this stretch, arch your back a little, bend in different directions.


Next, perform a set of squats. Do it 20 times. This exercise will improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Squat as deep as possible, then the effect will be noticeable.

Push ups

This exercise can be carried out, resting on the bed, table or windowsill. Do this exercise at least 20 times at an angle of 45 degrees. During the exercise, touch the surface with the chest.


To fix the result and not feel muscle pain the next day, do not forget about stretching. Follow the slopes, stopping at various positions for a few seconds.

At the end of a gymnastics stretch well and freeze in the string position.

A fit of energy after these exercises will help you to be vigorous and to do great things!