Unusual Houses

It is said that the house reflects the inner world of its owner. The owners of these structures, perhaps, are very extraordinary personalities. The beauty of their houses is impressive, there is a desire to somehow decorate their home. Unusual houses often become museums. This architecture will never seem boring.

Invisible House in Italy

unusual houses - Invisible House
The architect created a futuristic house that literally merges with the environment. The house consists of two blocks — one for the family, another — for the guests. The walls are made of black aluminum, and the eastern part is completely made of mirror panels. And the entire building is elevated on the platform to give more airiness to the structure. Thanks to this decision, the house looks like something surreal. And the beauty of the surrounding landscape only enhances the effect.

House Casa do Penedo in the mountains of Portugal

unusual houses -House in the mountains
This house is between four boulders. Inside one of the stones is carved fireplace, heating the room. The building was lit from inside with candles, as electricity was not provided, although the power station is right next door. This house was built by an architect for his family. They wanted to rest in it from the city bustle. But it turned out a little differently. Tourists kept harassing their hosts all the time with their curiosity. And the family had to close the house.

Transparent house in the cemetery

unusual houses - Transparent house in the cemetery
In London, one family inherited a plot for building a house. But its location is specific. It is the territory of the old cemetery. The owners did not want to change the plot to another, and local authorities forbade spoiling the picturesque place with non-representative buildings. As a compromise, it was decided to build a completely transparent house. Ceilings, floors, partitions — glass. The hosts are very satisfied. Neighbors do not complain.


unusual houses - House-cell
In Japan there is a house that looks more like a cage. Instead of traditional walls — metal pipes and partitions made of tinted glass. In the house there lives a man with a dog. The project is called «Hojo». This word means the living space of a Buddhist monk — 3 by 3 meters.