New Miss Universe 2017 became Demi-Li Nel-Pieters, a participant from South Africa

In Las Vegas took place the sixty-sixth beauty contest “Miss Universe”
The beauty for this title is annually elected since 1952. The contest is held in 190 countries around the world. By the way, during 19 years (until 2015) the project belonged to Trump, the current US president.

New Miss Universe became Demi-Li Nel-Pieters, a participant from South Africa

Twenty-two-year-old girl, a buzz from the Western Cape, took first place among 92 participants and became Miss Universe 2017. The second and third places were respectively – Laura Gonzalez (Colombia) and Davina Bennet from Jamaica.

The most beautiful woman on the planet recently received a degree in management at Northwestern University. She also teaches women’s self-defense lessons. In one of the video interviews, the girl told that she saw the need for this when, after receiving the title of Miss South Africa, she was subjected to an attempted abduction and constant surveillance.

She also noted that she believes that the main thing for women is self-confidence, and that this quality is very helpful to her in everything. Since 16 years she dreamed of becoming an actress, graduated from the school of performing arts. Later, she moved to Bogota to build her career.

Iris Mittenar (the last winner of this competition) solemnly laid the crown on the girl’s head.

Now, in addition to the various prizes, being the holder of the title Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Lee Nel-Peters, has the right to live free in a luxury apartment in New York for a year and travel around the world with charitable programs in the framework of the advertising contract.

Later, Miss Universe answered the question about the most important problem of women’s labor activity to date. Demi-Lee Nel-Peters said that women are often paid about 75% of the salary of a man with the same position for the same hours. The girl outlined the need to equalize the wages of men and women around the world.