Mexicans will boycott products from the United States of America. Calls for ignoring American goods are spreading on the Internet. In social networks, a special hashtag #AdiosProductosGringos designates a protest against US companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc.

Reasons for the protest

This situation is provoked by the decree, which was signed by Donald Trump last week. The legislative act deals with the construction of a wall on the border between Mexico and America. Thus Trump performs his pre-election promise to reduce the number of illegal migrants from the neighboring state. Moreover, the US President insists that the construction of the wall must be paid from the Mexican treasury.

Due to this situation, between the two countries, a serious diplomatic row is maturing. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto even canceled a planned visit to the USA.

Response of American companies

Coffeehouse chain Starbucks has already responded to the Mexican actions. The representatives of company stressed that they had given a job to a few thousand inhabitants of Mexico. In addition, the chain of coffee in the country is managed by the Mexican company Alsea. Besides, in different parts of the world Mexican coffee is sold in Starbucks.