The book «Mein Kampf» of Adolf Hitler has become a sales’ leader of 2016 in Germany. The publishers were planning to sell 4 thousand copies. Instead, almost 90 thousand books of the Nazi leader were sold.

The publicists are planning to print the sixth, additional circulation to the end of January. In addition, it is planned to release «Mein Kampf» in French.

The critical comments of scientists of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich were added to the original text of the book. This is done in order to dispel myths about ideology, which was imposed by Hitler.

Presumably, the book will be learned at school. The scientists are ambivalent about the idea.

Historical facts

  • Adolf Hitler had been writing his work «Mein Kampf» in 1924, being in prison.

  • The book has been translated into 18 languages and published in millions of copies.

  • «Mein Kampf» is considered to be the ideological foundation of the fascist movement.

  • At the end of World War II, the book was banned in the countries that opposed Nazism.

  • Distribution of the book is the territory of Russia is prohibited today.