McDonald’s began to operate in the building, owned by the Vatican. An opening of fast food restaurant took place in the New Year’s Eve, December 30.

This event caused a mixed reaction among Catholics worldwide. The restaurant immediately received the ironic name McVatican. The owners of fast-food anticipated the emergence of such a reaction. So they try not to advertise the opening of the restaurant. The official representatives of McDonald’s did not make a loud statement. In addition, the Vatican newspaper L’osservatore Romano and the national edition of La Reppublica didn’t mention about the upcoming event.

It is reported that the monthly rent for the use of the premises will be equal to 30 thousand dollars. The money will be transferred directly to the Apostolic See.

Previous attempts

Earlier, there were attempts to open a fast-food restaurant McDonald’s in Vatican. But public outcry was too great. That’s why the implementation of the plan was postponed.