Scientists managed to establish that the mammoths had matriarchy

Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands have teamed up to study mammoth DNA. Remains were found in Siberia, where they, presumably, originally spread.

The result of the study showed that females dominated the mammoth society. Until then, the structure of the mammoth families remained unknown. The latest analyzes of bones, teeth, tusks of mammoths gave new information. We examined 98 woolly mammoths that lived in Siberia, and then, according to scientists, moved across Europe and America. It was proved that 69% of all dead animals found were males. This is a huge difference, and therefore scientists have tried to determine the factors that have affected this development. Experts believe that this imbalance is probably due to the fact that males are more often than females trapped in natural traps, and therefore their remains are better preserved. Such traps could be crevices, deep pits, swamps.

The logical answer to the natural question, why it was so, is that they probably lived alone. Young individuals, not accustomed to live without relatives, fell into severe environmental conditions with its dangers. So different risks to existence increased, and males often fell under the ice or fell into other traps. Thus, the hypothesis of scientists is that the system of mammoths was matriarchal. Something similar to the modern arrangement of elephant groups. Several young females and males, led by an experienced female. Most of the grown-up males leave such groups, and live either alone or with other «bachelors». That is, Matriarchy reigned. In search of females and food for existence, male loners could travel long distances. In addition, they would have to avoid adult, aggressive males.

Also, pushing them to exile could and females, which otherwise would have to fight for food for themselves and offspring. This also helped to avoid cross-breeding of close relatives.

Mammoths have died out a long time ago, and so far no one can say with certainty the reason for this. Some scholars hypothesize that people who hunt them simply killed them. Others are sure that the extinction occurred only because of the large-scale factor — climate change, or the fall of the asteroid. In addition to Australia, the remains of mammoths are found on all continents.