More than 30 inhabitants of Irkutsk have died after drinking an alcohol-bath «Hawthorn». Mass poisoning occurred on the night of 18 to 19 of December. The reason was methyl alcohol, which is contained in cosmetics. There was a notice on the «Hawthorn» packaging about the impossibility of ingestion. But this warning did not stop the people.

In connection with this incident, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev urged the government to adopt emergency measures. Medvedev insists on toughening of turnover, which includes alcohol. For this purpose, Russian prime minister suggested the use of the Unified State Automated Information System. All alcoholic beverages are entered in this base.

Information sheet

Methyl alcohol is mortally dangerous to humans. Its use is strictly prohibited, as it leads to death.

According to the studies, more than 10% of people in Russia use different tinctures, alcohol-based lotions and other cures that are not intended for drinking. This situation is connected with the high prices for alcohol products.