Mark Zuckerberg, a founder of the social network Facebook, has become a businessman of the year according to the American magazine Fortune.

At a fairly young age, Zuckerberg has created a company that brings multimillion of profit. Social network Facebook has nearly 2 billion users. The company’s value is 375 billion dollars. The annual profit is 22 billion dollars.

According to the representatives of Fortune, such a success of Mark Zuckerberg is directly related to the current trends. Today, IT-industry makes it possible to create a huge and a rather profitable corporation for a short period of time.

In the second place of the rating, a founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos is located. His company is a leader in the IT-industry.

The third place goes to Mary Dillon, a chairwoman of Ultra Beauty. During the three years of her reign, Dillon has doubled sales. Accordingly, a company’s profit has also grown.