Marble tile with the Ten Commandments was sold at auction in California. The bidding took place in the western part of Los Angeles County, in Beverly Hills. The lot was purchased by almost 900 thousand dollars. Starting price of stone tile was 300 thousand dollars. The buyer wished to remain anonymous.

The tablet with the commandments has a rectangular shape. Its height is 61 cm. Tile’s weight is 50 kg. According to the scientists, the age of the exhibit exceeds 1500 years.

The commandments are cut down on the stone. They are the basis of the religion of Christians and Jews. As an auctioneer says, the tablet has been manufactured about 300-500 AD.

This marble tile was found in 1913 near the Israeli town of Yavne. There took place the construction of the railway, and one of the workers picked up the finding. He had been keeping the stone tile until 1943. After this, the tablet was purchased by an archaeologist. He had been preserved it until 2000.

Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch has brought this marble tile at the auction. He has received it in inheritance from the archaeologist. Jewish priest plans to raise money for the reconstruction of the museum in Brooklyn.

After bidding, this historical discovery will be exhibited in the museum. It was an indispensable condition for the buyer.