Halloween,  one of the most popular holidays of English-speaking countries is approaching. The main symbol of this celebration is Jack o’Lantern. This is a pumpkin, inside of which the light is illuminated. According to the legend, these lights help the souls of the dead find their way to purgatory.

Traditionally Jack o’Lantern is made from the real pumpkin.

Here is step by step instruction:

  • Take an oval pumpkin of medium size.
  • Wash it.
  • Cut off a small lid near the tail of vegetable.
  • Remove the pulp and the seeds from the pumpkin carefully.
  • Draw a sketch of the eyes and mouth (preferably terrible).
  • Light a small candle, and put into a pumpkin.
  • Close it with the lid.


If you do not have a pumpkin, then Jack o’Lantern can be made of paper. Take the orange cigarette paper for it. Wrap the glass jar. Tie up a neck with a beautiful rope to fix a paper. Draw the eyes and mouth of Jack o’Lantern with felt-tip (you can also cut out these parts of the black paper and glue them). Put a burning candle or a flashlight into a jar.