The check never goes out of fashion. That’s in 2017, such a coloring is the main trend of the season. Not only clothes but also footwear is decorated with such a print. How to dilute your wardrobe with fashionable checkered things? What to choose?


Do you want to be a trend? Choose dresses-gowns of different lengths in a large or small check. Such clothes, popular in the 60s, are now gaining new life.


Checkered skirts are a great option for a spring wardrobe. Combine such an element of clothing with a monophonic blouse or t-shirt, and you will definitely be the most fashionable. To especially brave girls, the designers recommend combining a checkered skirt with a striped jacket. Just do not forget about the sense of proportion.


Checkered shirts are an invariable attribute of modern fashion. Choose products with any colors and styles. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.


If you like the checkered trousers, be careful. Such clothing visually increases the hips. Checkered pants fit only to very slender girls. These pants are better to wear with monophonic clothes.


The check reached even the shoes. Sneakers or shoes, decorated with such a print, will be a perfect addition to the monophonic clothes.