The scientists from the Brazilian University discovered an amazing amphibian in Argentina. The luminescent toad emits fluorescent light. If the ultraviolet ray is directed at this frog, it begins to glow with green and blue colours.

The scientists for the first time encounter a similar phenomenon in toads. Previously, this effect was observed only in some fish and turtles.

Unusual substance

The experts are very surprised because luminous chemical compounds have a very strange structure. The scientists explain that the molecules of the substance have a ring structure and a chain of carbohydrates. Such a structure is unique among all known molecules in living organisms.

Glowing fish

The scientists independently deduced a kind of fishes which radiate green, yellow or red light. Their name is danio rerio. Such decorative fishes are very beautiful in aquariums. In addition, such a scientific experiment is necessary in order to better observe the development of the internal organs of fish.