Long, beautiful hair is the dream of almost every girl. What could be better than a healthy, well-groomed tresses, attracting everyone’s attention? But not everyone knows how to take care of them properly.

Some people prefer making  a short cut, and do not think too much about chevelure caring.

If you set a goal to grow long locks, then take on arms a few useful tips.

Hair type

For a start, determine your hair type. There are normal, oily, dry or mixed types. The owners of the normal type of hair are lucky more than others. Greasy hair becomes dirty very quickly and has untidy look. Dry one looks like a straw. Mixed type combines the disadvantages of the two previous kinds. It has greasy roots and dry tips.

Frequency of washing

Each person defines for himself how often he has to wash his head. Some people carry out this procedure every day, while others do it once a week. It is recommended to wash the head every day for fans of various varnishes and gels. It is necessary to wash off styling products every day to prevent the destruction of hair. The water temperature should be between 35 and 45 °c.

Combing and drying

The experts recommend combing the long chevelure from the tips. The owners of the short hair begin on the contrary from the roots. Also, the specialists advise using a comb before and after washing a head. Use of the hair dryer is undesirable. But if you can not do without this, it is better to dry your chevelure with the cool air.

Hair care products

Each type of hair needs special care. By choosing a shampoo, conditioner or mask, look the type of hair they are intended. This information is almost always written on the bottle. After applying a shampoo, it is desirable to use a conditioner. This cure will give your chevelure silkiness and it will be easier to comb it. Apply nourishing masks. They can be bought at the store or prepared at home.

Do not leave your hair to its fate. It needs a constant care.