Each person can take offense. But not all the people are able to forgive. According to the psychologists, forgiveness is necessary first of all to the person who has been offended. Insults and desire for revenge have a negative impact on a person. They may even provoke a variety of diseases. That should not be allowed in any case. The doctors insist that everyone must learn to forgive both small and large grievances. Why and how should we do it? Learning to forgiveness together.

  1. Forgive to yourself. Think of yourself. Resentment destroys the soul. Offended person loses calm, begins to feel uncomfortable. Let go of troubles. This will benefit you first of all.
  2. Sympathize. If you are offended by someone, you have compassion for this person. It is known that only weak person can hurt other people. Why should we be angry at non-confident man? He needs only compassion.
  3. Do not fall to anger. Do not react to the offense immediately. Make a deep breath. Try to calm down and look at the situation from the outside. Think about that anger will harm only you. It will be pleasant for your offender.

Of course, it is difficult to forgive. Sometimes a resentment pursues a person for a long time. But remember that the nerve cells are not almost restored. Do you need to focus on the troubles? Maybe we should move forward, not giving much importance to grievances.