It is a week to the salary day but you don’t have any money in your wallet. This situation is familiar to many people. And you can’t understand where your money has disappeared. But if you think you’ll remember the hairdressing salon. Or you can remember a supermarket when you threw up everything in the cart. Buying of another blouse or the sandals. The things are not placed in the wardrobe but you still buy them. And how much money you can save if you make purchases deliberately! You must learn to save money. How can you do it? We suggest you pay attention to some moments.


Every day on TV you look through commercials, where advertisers offer you to buy something. And when you go to the store you often choose already promoted product. But do not forget that due to advertising its value is higher than the same goods of the less known brand. If you want to save money do not buy branded stuff.

Discount and accumulating cards

A discount system is a common phenomenon nowadays. You get a card of the shop, which gives you an opportunity to buy the cheaper goods. And you don’t understand that the price of this product can be lower in the other store (even with a discount). Compare the prices in different stores and do not be attached to the discount. It will help you to choose the best variant of buying. A separate story with the accumulating cards. Usually, the term of bonuses removal is limited and you can miss it.

Sales and promotions

Often people make purchases just because there is a discount for something. Just think if you really need it. Or you came into the shop due to the sign “Sales”.

Plan purchases

Write the list of the goods that you are going to buy. Think over it carefully. When you go shopping you’ll have a clear plan. So the probability of making the unplanned purchases will be reduced. You’ll save money.

Limiting of the sum

You are going to the shop with the list of the necessary purchases. Calculate approximately how much they will cost. Take this sum with some reserve. You will not have an opportunity to spend more.

Regulation the size of the wardrobe

Sometimes you can see a beautiful cashmere coat or evening dress in a showcase. You have a desire to buy it.  Stop and think over. Maybe you have enough clothes and these purchases are redundant.

Buying of food

An important piece of advice: eat something before going to the store or on the market for food. When hungry people get to the grocery store, they usually want to eat all at once. That’s why they spend more.

Feeding at work

An average person spends at work most of the time. And it is not less than eight hours a day. During this time the body reminds you of the desire to eat for many times. Bring food from home. Firstly, it is more useful in comparison of the buns from the adjoining kiosk, and secondly, it’s cheaper.

Bad habits

Refuse some bad habits. Cigarettes and alcohol cost a lot. There is no benefit of their using. Calculate how much you will save if you stop to buy a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of beer every day.


Utility bills are not small. Think about how you can save on this point. For example, you can warm your house and then you will not switch on a heater in winter. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. You can buy energy saving lamps. Calculate, maybe it is cheaper to buy a water heater, and do not pay for hot water. Of course, you’ll have to spend a large sum once. But these costs will be paid back very quickly.

You can greatly reduce your costs by following at least to the half of these rules.