Periodically, anyone can experience the unpleasant phenomenon such as the lack of sleep. This may be caused by the various factors: heavy workload, domestic problems, violation of the day regime, etc. Do not neglect lack of sleep, because it can adduct to serious consequences.

Problems with the cardiovascular system

Lack of sleep provokes an increase in blood pressure as the heart contracts more intensely.

Excess weight

Sometimes people try to compensate a lack of sleep by increasing portions of food. It seems that in this way you can relieve fatigue. In fact, you only will gain weight.

Weakening of immunity

The body needs a rest. If an organism does not get it, then different problems appear. The risk of diabetes increases.


The mood of a person depends on the quality and amount of sleep. If the time to rest is not enough allocated, you should not rely on good moral health. The development of depression and other mental disorders may take place.

Skin aging

During sleep, the body produces the hormone which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. The less you sleep, the less of this substance is produced. Consequently, the skin gets old.

Do not skimp on the time of healthy sleep!