Konstantin Raikin  spoke out against the intervention of the Government and public organizations in the professional activity of actors.

At the congress of the Russian Union of theatrical figures, an artistic director of the Moscow theater “Satyricon” commented sharply the authorities’ desire to introduce censorship in the Russian art. He called it a return to the past. Raikin said that he remembered the Soviet Union. He reminded about the absurd restrictions that have been at the time.

Also, an artistic director of “Satyricon” asked his colleagues to remember about so-called “workshop solidarity”. He appealed the directors, actors and other artists to be tolerant, stop throwing mud at each other in the media.

Famous Russian actor Evgeniy Mironov supported his colleague. He stressed that everyone had to do his own job. People must have the appropriate education and experience if they want to intervene in the creative process. E.Mironov said that it was necessary to take into account the opinion of professionals, rather than rely on the aggressive fools.

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinskiy has met with the director of the theater “Satyricon.” According to the Ministry, an agreement among the sides was reached. K.Raikin was unable to attend as he has been on tour. V.Medinsky said that he had telephone talk with the actor.