The legendary American actor Kirk Douglas celebrates the century-old anniversary. He is called the last representative of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

On this day, for the hero of the occasion, a big celebration is arranged. The solemn event is organized by his son, the famous actor Michael Douglas. And his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones helps him.

According to the hero of the day, a celebration will be held at his California home. More than two hundred guests are invited to the party. Director Steven Spielberg and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg are among them. They are Kirk’s close friends.

Some facts about the hero of the day

  • The actor was born in New York.
  • His real name is Issur Gershelevich Danielovich.
  • The parents of Kirk Douglas are Russian immigrants.
  • Kirk Douglas achieved everything in his life thanks to hard work. The relatives were not able to help him because they were very poor.
  • The actor was three times nominated for “Oscar”, but he was not honored with this award. However, Douglas was awarded the honorary “Oscar” for his significant contribution to cinema.
  • Kirk Douglas won the “Golden Globe” as the best actor in the film “Lust for Life”.
  • K.Duglas has got seven children. The actor has been married for over sixty years with his second wife.
  • Douglas, Sr. suffered a stroke and paralysis in 1995, but he has recovered fully.
  • After a course of rehabilitation, the actor has written several books.
  • Kirk Douglas is engaged in charity. He has donated 15 million dollars to build a care center for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.