It is the first time in the history of Estonia when a woman became the President. Kersti Kaljulaid has been chosen the head of the state. She is 46 years old, she’s non-party. Before the elections, K. Kaljulaid has held the senior positions in Estonia. She was an adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs. After that, Kaljulaid headed the electric power station. She was also Estonia’s representative in the European Court of Auditors.

The Presidential elections in Estonia began in August. But only in October the deputies finally made their choice. The fact is that in Estonia exactly Parliament decides who will be a President. The head of the Republic of Estonia has predominantly the representational duties.

Kersti Kaljulaid was the only candidate at the last stage of the elections. Almost all the representatives of the Parliament have voted for her.

The inauguration of the new President of the Republic of Estonia is scheduled on the 10th of October. The organizers of the ceremony promise that it will be unusually solemn.