Children analog of Eurovision-2016 will take place on Malta. Valletta will take all the participants of this international festival. It will occur at the end of November.

It’s a well-known fact that all participating countries have to select the best singer for the contest.

Ukraine made its choice. Sofia Role will represent the country. On this international competition, she will perform the song “Planet craves for love”.

As before, the winner has been determined by a mixed voting. The jury defined the best singer. Also, the viewers could send their votes in a text message for their favorite participant.

Malta will host this competition for the second time. In 2014, this musical conquest has been already carried out in this country.

This year Junior Eurovision-2016 will be held under the new rules. TV viewers will not take part in the winner’s definition. This mission is entrusted exclusively to the members of the jury.

We wish Sofia Role of victory!