Donald Trump, President of the United States, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

On December 6, in an official address, Trump announced that the US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfers an embassy from Tel Aviv to the city. This statement caused a powerful storm of protests in the Middle East. Those who come out on the streets, angry Muslims, burn with scorn images of Trump and trample on American flags. They expressed it this way: «Trump’s words opened the gates of hell.»

The government of Israel, on the contrary, called this date «a historic day.»

The president himself described the decision as an attempt to peacefully influence the situation. The US Congress has long made similar statements, but because of fear of violating relations with its allies, each successive president vetoed this decision. Trump, he said, simply «recognized the existing reality.»

The Jerusalem issue has had a particularly important status for many years. These relations between the partially recognized Palestine and Israel are ideological underpinnings. Both countries want to make Jerusalem their capital. Both believe that there are historical reasons for this. The whole world is closely following the course of events. Neither country is neutral. Shrines and Muslims and Christians are in one place. And these two religions are global, the most numerous.

Because in 1947 the UN gave this city a special status. Jerusalem is under international control. This city is not officially recognized as a nobody’s capital. And foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.

Israel accepted the law, that Jerusalem is their indivisible capital, but the UN then denied it.

Now the US recognized the power of Israel over the entire territory of the city. That contradicts the opinion of Palestinians who want to make its eastern part its capital. They said that December 8 is the «day of anger». After the prayer on Friday, people should express their attitude to the Israelis in any way.

Many experts say that Trump’s decision will cause the strongest wave of conflicts between Arabs and Israelis. This can further exacerbate existing problems.