Jeans were invented several centuries ago. Their designer, Levi Strauss suggested that these pants would be suitable for working on a farm. They were made of strong material. Convenient styles provided comfort to workers of the American ranch.

Many years have passed, and the jeans have remained the favorite clothing of most people in the world. From everyday wardrobe, they sometimes migrate to the more solemn events. Today, denim trousers look equally appropriate not only in the everyday life but also during the fetes.

People of different ages and body types wear jeans. It does not matter who you are: a man, woman or child. For everyone, it is possible to find the appropriate model.

Fashion jeans – 2017

If you want to look stylish, pay attention to the fashion trends of the coming season. Choosing jeans is quite diverse. There are trousers of different styles, colors, and decor.

In 2017, classics takes its place. The trousers of straight cut of all shades of blue do not lose their popularity. If you like narrowed jeans, purchase them safely. Such models are also in demand in the coming season.

Fans of flared trousers can also enjoy: these samples are presented in many collections of famous designers.

Shortened models will perfectly complement the summer wardrobe of dandies and ladies.

If you like shabby or ragged jeans, wear them safely. It is also permitted trousers decoration of different chains, studs, images.

Another trend of the coming season – jeans-pipes. The trousers of this style are present in the collections of many designers.

The color scheme is bright enough and diverse. You can give preference to any shade, from soothing pastel to the most eye-catching.

What to wear with jeans

Jeans can be a great addition to any outfit style: casual, sports, romantic or business. It is important to choose the right model and color. Trousers of denim are combined with jackets, shirts, blouses, sweaters. This multipurpose clothing will help you to feel stylish, comfortable, and so confident.