November 12, Jackie Chan has become an owner of the honorary award “Oscar”. The awarding ceremony was held in the Californian city of Los Angeles. A famous Chinese actor and director has received a well-deserved statuette in Hollywood entertainment complex. This award is given not for particular work in the field of cinema, but for the merits as a whole. Jackie Chan said that this was the first “Oscar” for his long career in the film industry. Chinese actor has starred in more than one hundred films. J.Chan is one of the most popular Asian actors in the world. Such famous films as “Rush Hour,” “Armor of God”, “Shanghai Noon” and others are in his film library. It is worth noting that Jackie Chan performs all the tricks in the films himself.

Earlier this honorary award was given to the winners during the main ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”. Later it was decided to divide these events.

Apart from Jackie Chan, honorary “Oscar” was awarded to producer Frederick Vaisman, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and editor Anne Coates.