Part of Okinawa island will be back in order of Japan. Up to this day, the land was used by the USA. Here, the Americans military objects were placed.

It is assumed that the United States will assign more than four thousand hectares of land, which is located between the villages of Higashi and Kurigami. The event of territory transfer is planned on the 22 of December.

According to the representatives of the US authorities, in the future, the state will continue to return the lands of Japan.

Historical reference

Agreement on the transfer of territory was signed between the two countries 20 years ago. But implementation has been significantly delayed. A postponement was caused the fact that Japan has failed the full execution of their obligations under this agreement.

The island of Okinawa moved to America property after the Second World War. Almost 30 years later the island was returned to Japan. But the US military bases are still located there.