Is it worth to follow the fashion blindly? Or should we rely on our taste? Every person can ask this question someday. All people want to be attractive and stylish. But is it important to have the things from the latest fashion collection for this purpose? Or maybe it is better to know that these things are suitable for you.

Some people believe that follow the fashion – means to be one of the crowd, to lose your individuality, to obey the herd instinct. These people try to find their own style. They knowingly reject everything that is fashionable at this moment. Even if these things are good and comfortable.

Others, however, don’t miss any fashion trends. These people always go to the fashion shows. They regularly read fashion magazines, watch programs about fashion. They can’t imagine their wardrobe without the clothes of the famous designer’s collection.

For some people, it is very important that somebody called this thing “fashionable”.  Even if it is not suitable for them, they must buy it. This thing makes them more confident.

When the shop assistants want to persuade us, they often say: “This thing is very trendy nowadays”. Should we take it as a positive argument when we buy anything? The same thing can fit well or poorly on different people. We are all individuals, that’s why we can’t look like the twins in the same clothes.

How many times we had an opportunity to see people dressed alike, but they were not equally well-dressed. Some people are slim, the others are fat, still others are tall or short. Is it possible to wear the same clothes for everyone?

The answer to this question is somewhere in the middle.

The fashion takes an important place nowadays. It’s wrong to ignore this fact. But we shouldn’t follow the fashion blindly. There are different absurd situations. For example, the designers decided to use meat in the creation of their new collections. The ordinary persons understand, that they needn’t these goods. Only celebrities (and not everyone) can buy and wear these things. But some of the famous people like to shock the audience. For example, Lady Gaga. In 2010, she came to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, dressed the clothes, hat and shoes, which were made of meat.  Her handbag was made of meat, too. The designer of this image was Frank Fernandez. By the way, the representatives of animal protection societies were not very pleased with this trick of the designer and the singer.

The designers like different experiments very much. From time to time they gladden (and sometimes shock) their fans with new material for the production of collections. They can use the cardboard boxes, plastic bags, candy wrappers and newspapers.

It is clear that neither a teacher not a doctor will choose such suits for working.

It is better to look at these masterpieces.

Sometimes there is another situation. The material is good, and the color is suitable, but the model is impractical. It’s one thing to go on the catwalk in designer things, and quite another – to walk all day in the office. This concerns both the clothes and shoes.

High-heeled shoes, which mannequins often wear, are very beautiful  on the shelves of the shops. And even when we try them on in the stores they seem to be comfortable. But it is really impossible to wear high-heeled shoes and to walk on a rough road. You immediately realize that you made a wrong choice.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that we should wear slippers and old tracksuits. But it is necessary to understand that you will wear these things. If you buy them not only for boasting before your friends and acquaintances.

You should be individual. Choose the things that you like. Follow the fashion. But do it wisely. And you will be beautiful and unique.