The introductory campaign will be started this year from July, 11 and it will last 16 days.

As stated by the First Deputy Minister of Education Ina Sovsun, this time will be enough to have time to submit the documents. Such period is justified because many students submit the documents online. Also in connection with the demographic situation, the number of graduates will decline until 2019. That’s why the huge queues to the selection committee won’t be.

It should be noted that this year the entrants for the last time will be able to submit documents for the qualification level junior specialist, specialist. And they’ll submit their applications by priority, as in the past year. The total number of possible applications has not changed and it’s number 15.

Submit Documents can be up to 27 July. But if for admission need to pass a creative competition, exam or interview the documents must be submitted before July 20. Those graduates who will come for the scholarship will be credited to higher education no later than 6 August.